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Overwatch Full HD + 4K Wallpapers & New Tab

We have created a new add-on for you. It has the one of most popular game’s wallpapers! Overwatch lovers this add-on is for you!

In Overwatch, you control one of several heroes in competitive 6-person team shooting matches. Battle over objectives, take down the other team, and achieve victory.

Overwatch is a team based shooter from renowned games studio: Blizzard. What sets this shooter apart from the rest is the wide array of unique heroes for you to fight with. Each hero has their own set of abilities for you to master. Be it Cyborg Ninja, Volatile Mercenary or Super-Intelligent, Genetically Engineered Gorilla, there’s a character for every player in Overwatch.

It’s all about teamwork, so you’ll have to know your role and excel in it. Whether you’re in amongst the action, defending your team mates with energy shields or supporting them by amplifying their damage. Every hero has a role to fill.

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