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GTA V Grand Theft Auto UHD Wallpapers & New Tab

The most beautiful ultra hd Gta V wallpapers are free with the Gta V chrome new tab application.

The ultra hd wallpapers from Gta V in which actions and adventures never stop and an amazing feature for the Google chrome’s new tab page are waiting for you in this application.

Gta V game characters,cars from game,sceneries and screen shots with so many details are waiting you in chrome’s new tab thanks to this application.


By downloading the Gta V new tab ultra hd wallpapers application,you can re-shape your chrome browser and can also add so many features.

In Gta V new tab app, you can get a clock on page with so many shortcuts,can check the weather when you need and also can change the background wallpaper whenever you want.

With Gta V new tab app, you can choose the random wallpaper option just like the way you use the wallpapers you desire.

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