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FallOut 4 Full HD + 4K Wallpapers & New Tab

One of the popular game of the last day is Overwatch. We decided to make a new addon for your chrome. This plugin will change your new tab section with the chosen wallpaper of Overwatch.

Features :

– There are plenty of wallpapers, you will choose one of them and set it as your new tab background!
– You can see the clock in your chrome browser.
– The photos are stored in the package. You can use them even if you are offline!
– All the wallpapers are Full HD And 4K

Fallout 4 is unique in the fact that is the first game to be set in two different times, both pre-War and post-War. The main part of the game is set in 2287, but begins in 2077 on the day of the Great War, October 23, in the neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills in Boston, Massachusetts. After the Sole Survivor emerges from Vault 111, they must explore the ruins of Boston and the rest of the greater Commonwealth region. The game’s development team chose Boston to showcase to a perfect Fallout experience: “Boston itself has ‘the right mix of American history, Americana and hi-tech'”.

The protagonist (later known as the Sole Survivor), their spouse (Nate or Nora) and infant son Shaun are forced to flee to nearby Vault 111 on the day of the Great War and are put into cryogenic stasis. Although safe from the nuclear fallout above, a coup by the vault security force against the science staff resulted in every dweller outside of cryogenic stasis dying or leaving the vault; of course, without support staff, the dwellers in stasis also slowly began to perish. The Sole Survivor was then woken up from stasis only to witness the murder of their spouse and kidnapping of their son.

When the Sole Survivor is taken out of stasis, they escape the vault only to discover their old neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills is wrecked and dilapidated. With their son being the only thing in their life that matters now, they begin their investigation to find them, starting in Diamond City. Through their investigations, they find themselves mixed up in the politics of the Commonwealth, and are given the opportunity to join several factions, including the Commonwealth Minutemen, The Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the mysterious Institute.

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