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Batman Full HD Wallpapers & New Tab

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Batman, one of the most beloved characters in Marwell characters, is now the most beloved character, now customizing your Chrome browser with this add-on. Get beautiful wallpapers for free from one of your favorite bathing characters.

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Who is Batman?

Batman or Batman (originally Bat-Man) is a comic book superhero drawn for the first time on May 27, 1939, at Detective Comics.

It was created by writer Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. In comics, however, he is simply called Bob Kane as his creator.

Batman is one of the most known superheroes ever since it was first created. Known as “The Dark Knight”, “The Caped Crusader” and “World’s Greatest Dedective” and the man who defeated everything in preparation.

The most popular word among the people is “Because I’m Batman” (because I am Batman!).

Batman’s secret identity is billionaire industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist Bruce Wayne, according to estimated fortune comic books, now $ 26-33 billion.

Wayne witnessed the killing of his still-young family, and after fighting himself in many different fields, he starts fighting against the suicide with bat-based costumes and equipment.

Like many other superheroes, he does not have superpowers, he continues his struggle by supporting his intelligence and detective ability with his science, technology and personal wealth.

Batman is usually a night fighting crime, everyone is like a mysterious bat. It is there but it is invisible. He was educated in the youth of a high-level, far-eastern martial art.

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